One Spot #1: The Painted Man – “Hey mon! What’ll ya have?”

Designer: Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick
Art: Jason “Bandit” Adams, William C. Pfaff
Page Count: 2
Release Date: June 04, 2013

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No matter what system you use for your games, being a game master is a perilous pastime. As soon as the players arrive with their PCs at the ready, your well-formulated plans can go off-the-rails at a moment’s notice. If you have somewhere to put the PCs for a bit while you ponder your options, it can smooth things out considerably.

If you’re in need of such a location on short notice, One Spot is for you! Each product in the line focuses on a different location you can easily drop into any fantasy town or city. Instantly you have a place with NPCs, descriptive text, plot hooks, and more to give you the tools you need to quickly populate a place your PCs can interact with.

One Spot #1 presents a tavern called The Painted Man, complete with a barkeep (the artistically decorated Painted Man), tavern map, images, and more. One Spot #1: The Painted Man is another great tool to include in your bag of GM tricks!

One Spot #1: The Painted Man offers:

* An introduction, location description, tavern map, and image of the tavern sign.
* A bit of background on the Painted Man himself, his mannerisms, and a picture.
* Descriptions for the other NPCs involved in operating the tavern, from the bubbly barmaid to the secretive owner.
* A suggestion of what items might currently be on the menu and on tap.
* A list (10 items) of potential facts and rumors to kick things off.
* A list of hooks (4 tables of hints) for how one or more of the PCs may have interacted with the tavern before.


“It’s the sort of thing that you may think you don’t need… until the night it saves your life, or at least your game, when characters refuse to follow all those neat clues and plot hooks and demand to go for a drink! A useful resource that will let you appear to fly by the seat of your pants without effort…” – Megan Robertson (five stars)


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