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One Spot #0: Hand's GoodsNo matter what system you use for your games, being a game master is a perilous pastime. As soon as the players arrive with their PCs at the ready, your well-formulated plans can go off-the-rails at a moment’s notice. If you have somewhere to put the PCs for a bit while you ponder your options, it can smooth things out considerably.

Each Moebius Adventures One Spot product is designed to be easily inserted into your GM folder with two pages containing:

  • Player-ready information, including: a location description providing details on what and who to expect, along with an image or two to help set the scene.
  • GM-ready information, including: NPC details, location map, encounter/hook ideas, and a random table to help determine any prior relationship with the place a PC may have.

Each location can then be used independently or together to help you fill a temporary gap or add details to your worlds without a ton of work.

Available One Spot Products

111669 painted-man-cover-gold One Spot #2: Angar's Magic Shoppe One-Spot-3-Dolothars-Shrine-portrait-cover


Available Bundles

  • The first three One Spot products are also available as a bundle at a 25% discount at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and d20pfsrd (currently 40% off at d20pfsrd for a few days!)
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