Little Spaces: Tavern Trouble

Designer: Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick
Art: William McAusland
Page Count: 4
Release Date: June 3, 2014

Format: PDF ($1.00)
Grab a Copy At:     

Little Spaces: Tavern Trouble coverLittle Spaces: Dinner Guests offers a collection of seven tables to inspire unique descriptions of bars and taverns, as well as the events, items, and people your PCs may encounter there! Taverns are an integral part of many fantasy and science fiction campaigns, so why not try and spice yours up a bit?

For example, perhaps your PCs are going off-world to a space station with a popular cantina they have heard about. Perhaps when they get there they find a new beverage on the menu…

“(Smell/Beverage/Shattered/Neutral/Foreboding) Always the adventurous one, you have ordered the newest concoction on Thark’s menu. This noxious, bubbling liquid gives off a scent that sets your nerves on edge. As you take a sip, you barely taste the liquor on your tongue when the mirrors shatter behind you as they are struck with the body of a small bar patron caught in a melee you didn’t hear coming. Roll initiative!”

Thousands of possible combinations will inspire an insane number of adventurous encounters and hidden dangers. Use your imagination to come up with bar-based events that cross genres and keep your players guessing!

This is the next in a series of short, system- and genre-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to encourage more creative descriptions in your games.

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