Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists

Designer: Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, Kenny Norris
Art: William McAusland, Jeff Preston
Page Count: 13
Release Date: June 9, 2015

Format: PDF ($1.25)
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Insta-NPCs-Cults-coverDoomsday cults. Snake cults. Cthulhu cults. Cults devoted to aliens, musicians, or politicians. Even cults devoted to cargo gods. There are cults dedicated to just about anything you can think of. So why not include more of them in our roleplaying game sessions?

No matter what flavor of cult you need, you can probably find one in our world or just about any world and genre you roleplay a character in. But sometimes you want something unique. That’s where Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists comes in!

Cults and Cultists includes ten separate tables for everything from determining the size of your cult and how long they’ve been around to what they’re after, how isolated they are, their level of commitment, and more! It also includes five different example cults and four NPCs you can use right out of the box, plus a worksheet you can print any time you want to go through the process quickly.

Included are

Plenty of ideas to start with before you even start rolling dice!

Cultscan be used for any setting or system. Need a cult for a science fiction, fantasy, or western adventure? I bet this will help!

This is the next in a series of short, system-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to encourage more creative descriptions in your games. Be sure to check out everything else that’s available to stimulate your imagination!

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