Insta-NPCs #1: Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance

Designer: Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick
Art: William McAusland, Jeff Preston
Page Count: 4
Release Date: April 20, 2014

Format: PDF ($1.00)
Grab a Copy At:     

Insta-NPC #1 CoverHave you ever created an amazing place for your campaign only to discover that you don’t immediately have a collection of NPCs to fill it? Or have your PCs ever stumbled into a place you haven’t had time to fully develop as a living, breathing part of the campaign?

Well, why not take out a handful of dice and roll up an instant NPC! Or in this case, an “Insta-NPC”! The Insta-NPCs product line is designed to offer one or more tables to roll on to figure out a little something about the NPC you’re pulling together.

Insta-NPCs #1: Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance offers a simple way to inspire NPCs the next time you need a little creative boost. In this issue, you get three tables – Motivation (20 items), Attitude (20 items), and Appearance (100 items), plus four sample characters you can use right away.

Let’s say I need an innkeeper for the place the PCs will be staying and want some idea of how that individual behaves. I can flip a coin (heads = male, tails = female), roll a few dice and end up with Male, Fear (Motivation), Derisive (Attitude), and Exhausted (Appearance)… That might lead to a description such as “The innkeeper greets you at the door with a warm, disingenuous smile. He’s  exhausted from the previous night’s revelry and more than willing to rent you some rooms, but his contempt for you is barely concealed.”

This is the first in a new series of short (3-5 page), system-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to inspire creative NPCs to populate your worlds.


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