Have you ever created an amazing place for your campaign only to discover that you don’t immediately have a collection of NPCs to fill it? Or have your PCs ever stumbled into a place you haven’t had time to fully develop as a living, breathing part of the campaign?

Well, why not take out a handful of dice and roll up an instant NPC! Or in this case, an “Insta-NPC”!

The Insta-NPCs product line is designed to offer one or more tables to roll on to figure out a little something about the NPC you’re pulling together.


Insta-NPCs #0 Cover Insta-NPC #1 Cover Insta-NPCs #2 Cover insta-npc-3-cover insta-npc-4-cover insta-npc-5-cover insta-npc-6-cover Insta-NPCs-Damsels-in-Distress-cover Insta-NPCs-Bandits-cover Insta-NPCs-Cults-cover


Insta-NPCs #0: A Simple Plan

Insta-NPCs #1: Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance

Insta-NPCs #2: Quirks and Madness

Insta-NPCs #3: Scum and Villainy, Inc.

Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen and Minions

Insta-NPCs #5: Prisoners and Escapees

Insta-NPCs #6: Shh… Artists at Work…

Insta-NPCs #7: Damsels in Distress

Insta-NPCs #8: Bandits!

Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists (available June 9, 2015!)




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