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Here (shockingly enough) you’ll see posts about what’s going on with Moebius Adventures. The goal is to provide information you can use about our game rules or settings for your own nefarious purposes.

What is Moebius Adventures?

Moebius Adventures was born in the mid-90s from the minds of Sean Bindel and Brian Fitzpatrick, who were looking for something a little more flexible than the roleplaying game systems they’d been playing. The initial publishing efforts were not that successful, as POD capabilities were not quite where they needed to be and that initial effort was less than successful.

This time out, Brian (“Fitz”) is working on his own as Sean had an auto accident in 2000 that cut short his life with us. Brian is working hard to finish the projects that he and Sean started together to create a lasting memorial to his friend.

The hope is to see some of their early efforts take off, even if only in limited fashion, so that others can enjoy them the way that Brian & Sean did while developing the ideas in the first place.

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any questions, be sure to drop me an e-mail at info(at)moebiusadventures(dot)com.


What’s new?

We have a new writer on the block working for us -George Fields! He is a regular Hackmaster GM and a huge fan of Kenzer & Company, plus has created a few products of his own for Geocentric Designs. His first work for us is One Spot #3: Dolothar’s Shrine and we’re hopeful it won’ t be his last! But it’s great to be able to collaborate with another writer like I used to with Sean!

Congrats to George for his adventure - Legacy of the Elm King – is now available for HackMaster at Kenzer & Co’s website!

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  1. Loren Reply

    Glad to see you still at it. It is a fitting memorial and a good system.

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