Infinity Loop: January 2015 Report

I really am finding it hard to believe that we’re already to February. Between the holidays in December 2014 and work travel eating up a good chunk of January 2015, I seem to have lost a ton of time and momentum over the last couple of months.

No new products were released in January. Sales dropped as a result and web traffic continues to be low. But I had some sales, wrote a few posts, and did get some traffic, so we’ll just consider it a beginning-of-the-year slump.

As far as sales go, here’s how it broke down:

  1. OneBookShelf (DTRPG/RPGNow/etc) – 64 sales (50 free, 14 non-free)
  2. Paizo store – 46 sales (all free)
  3. d20pfsrd Store – 29 sales (all free)

Total: 139 sales (125 free, 14 non-free)

On the plus side, that’s much more than I made during the same month in 2014. But the numbers are much lower than December 2014. I have some ground to make up if I’m going to match last year’s numbers in 2015!

moebius-january-2015-web-trafficLooking at web traffic, it actually rose a bit (tracking via StatCounter):

  • Page Views: 952 (up 16% from December)
  • Unique Visits: 756 (up 22%)
  • First Time Visits: 642 (up 25%)
  • Returning Visits: 114 (up 5%)

So that’s some progress anyway. The top three articles in January have been:

  1. Ten NPCs You Bump Into In A Crowded Tavern
  2. Google Maps Is A Secret Cache of World- and Story-building Secrets
  3. Using Scarcity, Abundance, and Enough to Inspire Settings and Encounters

We’ll keep ’em going in February. I have lots of ideas to explore in February, so we’ll see if I can get my act in gear!

So thanks for your patience over the last couple of months. I think you’ll like Insta-NPCs: Bandits (for a taste, check out the Bandits of Rasil), which is the next release I have in the queue – and some new ideas to explore for players AND GMs. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for staying in the loop with Moebius Adventures!

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